The Young Tigers Kyokushin Karate Dojo was established in 2000 and is owned and operated by Sensei Alicia Smith and Sempai Robert Smith who have combined over four decades of training and teaching Kyokushin Karate.  Both have had successful tournament careers at the national and international level.  And subsequently they have successfully trained and coached students to black belt grade and, along the way, become national and international champions.

The Young Tigers Kyokushin Karate Dojo is affiliated with the Chikara Kyokushin International, founded by Judd Reid, Shihan.
Talk with your child about whether they are interested in Karate, and what they hope to learn or do in class. If you find you are unable to plan long term with regards to your karate training, then we suggest that you do not bother starting karate, as much is expected from you in terms of your dedication, commitment and focus and as such is not for the feint hearted.
Childhood obesity rates are climbing, and more and more children are spending a lot more time in front of the television, playing video games and using the computer.

Discipline, self control, respect, patience, confidence, courage, etc.

Self defense is the most obvious reason that should come to mind when considering your children in the Martial Arts. Attending a good Martial Arts school would benefit both:
  BULLY - By teaching to respect others as well as their own power
  BULLIED - By teaching how to calm a situation or defend oneself if need be.

This is tied to the life skills reason, but is very specific in what the desired outcome is. If the instructor is consistent, firm but kind, then the child can really benefit a lot from Martial Arts training.

A good Martial Arts school can become a second home for many children. The relationships built between classmates and instructors can last a lifetime and have a huge impact on a child's life.
Whatever reasons you have for enrolling your child in a Martial Arts school, be sure to discuss your child's goals with them and come to an understanding that will make both of you happy.

  •  Enhance confidence
  •  Positive self-image
  •  Anger Management
  •  Improved study skills
  •  Personal Self-defence
  •  Respect for self and others
  •  Increased Mental Focus
  •  Improved concentration
  •  Improved communication skills
  •  Courtesy through martial arts
  •  Learn & master success skills
  •  Leadership training
  •  Problem solving
  •  Positive peer group
  •  Character development
  •  Goal setting
  •  Manners
  •  Fitness
Always remember that all karate-ka whether black belt or beginner who is totally ignorant to the teaching of karate, train in the same dojo & on the same floor. All practise the same techniques and aspire toward the same ideals; therefore, all are governed by the same requirements of etiquette.
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