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Commenced training at Mortdale dojo under the direction of Sensei Anneliesa Dean & Sempai Robert Smith.  Alicia was soon to become Sensei Con Kakatsos's first Female Full Contact Fighter & Sempai Robert's first Shodan (Black Belt).

Through the ranks under the watchful eyes of some of Kyokushin's greatest such as: Hanshi John Taylor, Shihan Nick Cujic, Sensei Joy Cujic, Sensei Graham Porter to name a few.  Hanshi John Taylor skipped Alicia through two grades due to exceptional knowledge & technically sound. Sensei Con Kakatsos also skipped Alicia for a third time coming up through the ranks.
A credit to the training of Sensei Anneliesa Dean & Sempai Robert Smith.

First Full Contact State title at St Mary's Band Club - Took 4 times National Champion Sempai (now Sensei) Vanessa Mitchell (Bondi Dojo) to extension, Vanessa then could not complete tournament due to injuries sustained in this fight. Two days later Alicia found out she was 6 weeks pregnant. Vanessa has since made acquaintance with the little baby who was involved in their first & only Full contact meeting

Won various Ippon Kumite Championships - Hosted by AKKA (est. 1977), this was when all Kyokushin Dojo's in Australia were affiliated under Hanshi John Taylor, before the sad passing of Sosai Masutatsu Oyama

Competed in NSW State Full Contact - Sensei Graham Porter was referee and opponent from Power Karate.  Sensei Joy Cujic complimented Alicia on "showing great sportsmanship" during this fight.  A comment very much appreciated and never forgotten.

Graded to Shodan - IKO Matsui

Graded to Ni-Dan - IKO Matsui

Hardest decision of all was made this year - For the sake of her students & the future of her Dojo Alicia chose to leave IKO Matsui and returned to her old stomping grounds under the watchful eyes of AKKA legend - Hanshi John Taylor - still demanding high standards since the birth of Kyokushin.

Many have asked why?
Students require regular tournaments & Dojo's need maximum support, without this how can a dojo improve and students grow if not supported on solid ground?
Tournaments teach students how to;
1. React to pressure.
2. Survive out of their comfort zone.
3. Lose well & humbly win.
4. Handle confrontational situations.
5. Improve their Karate skills.
6. Create great sportsmanship within then becoming a great Martial Artist.

Alicia has always produced State & National Champions since becoming a fulltime trainer in 2000. This has not changed I am still achieving these great results. The competition is much more demanding now and is becoming harder as each year comes around.

Australian Squad member - Alicia represented Australia in World Cup Title, hosted in Australia.
NSW Kata Championships - GOLD
NSW Team Championship - GOLD
National Titles - Participant

Opened Fulltime Dojo in Smeaton Grange - specialising in teaching Kyokushin Karate ONLY.  Raymond Letby (Student) Successfully completed the 25 man Kumite test awarded by Hanshi John Taylor - Involved in fighting some of Kyokushin's greatest, Hanshi John Taylor 9th Dan, 5 times World Full contact Champion Sensei Naomi Wood, Australian Squad trainer Sensei Rob Lauretti, Sempai Mark Hanratty, Full Contact Champion & Raymond's trainer Sempai Alicia Smith.

Alicia was awarded 'National Judges Certificate' by Hanshi John Taylor
Alicia's pre-school squads entered in their first tournament - placing 1st, 2nd & 3rd.
Narelle Letby Australian Squad member - Narelle competed in Japan for 2008 World Cup Title.
NSW Team Championships - SILVER

1.Produced AKKA Shodan Tiani Smith
2.Produced AKKA Shodan Jake Nasko
3.New Zealand Nationals Judge & Referee for non-contact & Full Contact
4.Produced AKKA Shodan Daniel Schneider
5.Produced AKKA Shodan Sharni Xuereb
6.Graded to AKKA Sandan
7.Assistant trainer with the production of New Zealand National Colts Knockdown Champions Sempai Tiani Smith & Sempai Jake Nasko

A memorable moment for both fighters and for Tiani.
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