Sempai Robert Smith
Commenced training at AKKA Marrickville Dojo with Sempai Doug Turnball.
1984 - Selected as team martial for the first ever event held at Homebush sports Stadium for the Nationals. This was a 2 day event with a huge contingent of fighters from New Zealand who also participated.
After grading 10th Kyu moved Dojo's to AKKA Revesby Dojo with Sempai Con Kakatsos.

Competed & placed in various Knockdown State & National titles, competed against names such as Tom Levar, Mick Young, Keith Bosler, Doug Elliot to name a few.

Graded to Shodan - By AKKA Hanshi John Taylor at Bondi Dojo.
Successfully completed the 40 man Kumite after a 4 hour grading - Total Grading time 5 hours.

Selected for the Australian Squad - Trained with Kyokushin greats such as Sam 'Slam' Greco, Tom Levar, Richy Cunningham, Mark Tyson, Mick Young, Andrew Sardelis, Milosh Ivanovic, Andrew Harisiou to name a few. Coached under the AKKA Coach Trevor Fields.

Opened First Dojo - Sandy Point - Kids classes only - AKKA affiliated

Opened New Dojo - Mortdale Public School with Sensei Anneliesa Dean
Produced Non-contact & full contact Champions in both Kids & Adults - AKKA affiliated
Dojo now under the direction of Ian Lyle - affiliated with Shihan Nick Cujic.

Produced my first Full Contact Fighters - Alicia Smith, Glen Holland (Glen placing 2nd in Western Region Full Contact titles - St Mary's and club) Alicia took 4 times National champion to extension losing on referees decision - preventing Vanessa Mitchell from continuing on in the tournament due to injuries sustained in the fight against Alicia.

Moved to the Macarthur area - opened Dojo in Currans Hill Public School

Produced my first Shodan - Sempai Alicia Smith also trained Sempai Mark Hanratty long time friend & training collegue who alongside Alicia achieved his Shodan Black Belt successfully.

Alongside wife Sempai Alicia they together have produced many State & National Champions from the then famous Currans Hill Dojo.

Hardest decision of all was made this year - For the sake of their students & the future of their Dojo they chose to leave IKO Matsui and returned to their old stomping grounds under the watchful eyes of AKKA legend - Hanshi John Taylor which is in direct affiliation with IKO Matsushima - still demanding high standards since the birth of AKKA Kyokushin which was established in 1977.

Many have asked why?
Students require regular tournaments & Dojo's need maximum support, without this how can a Dojo improve and students grow if not supported on solid ground?

Tournaments teach students how to;
1. React to pressure.
2. Survive out of their comfort zone.
3. Lose well & humbly win.
4. Handle confrontational situations.
5. Improve their Karate skills.
6. Create great sportsmanship within - then becoming a great Martial Artist.

Trained Australian Squad members at Bondi Dojo for one day in preparation for 2006 World Cup.  Produced World Cup Competitor Sempai Alicia Smith.

Opened Fulltime Dojo in Smeaton Grange - specialising in teaching Kyokushin Karate ONLY.  Raymond Letby (Student) Successfully completed the 25 man Kumite test awarded by Hanshi John Taylor Involved in fighting some of Kyokushin's greatest, Hanshi John Taylor 9th Dan, 5 times World Full contact Champion Sensei Naomi Wood, Australian Squad trainer Sensei Rob Lauretti, Sempai Mark Hanratty, Full Contact Champion & Raymond's other trainer Sempai Alicia Smith.

Commenced coaching the land training for the Atlantis Aquatic Centre's Metro, state & National swimmers/Champions. (Position still held)

Produced World Cup competitor Narelle Letby - Japan World Cup 2008
Assistant trainer for oneay for the 2008 World Cup Australian Squad.

Specialising in true street awareness, due to the extensive experience in the security industry.

2001 Sempai Alicia Smith - 2004 Ni-Dan rank & producing her own champions since 2000.
2005 Sempai Daniel Schmidt
2006 Sempai Mitchell Kelly
2008 Sempai Raymond Letby
2008 Sempai Jonathan Pacchiarotta
2010 Sempai Jake Nasko
2010 Sempai Tiani Smith

To produce students that in time will have the confidence to defend themselves if need be.
If students place in tournaments this is a bonus ultimately it's the building of personality in a young man or woman that is very important to me - Both Sempai Alicia and myself are tough but we do get results and discipline does not discriminate. Kyokushin cannot be mixed with others styles, as it already is a full Martial Art within itself and Kyokushin does demand unfaltering devotion to the task at hand.















Production of Shodans


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